Audrey Schaeffer Katz

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     Song Title


    500 Miles

Hedy West

                   If I had a Hammer

                         Lee Hays and Pete Seeger

   Im Tirtzu

           Debbie Friedman

                 Bashana Haba'a

  Nurit Hirsch

Eli, Eli

     David Zahavi

          V'yashvu ish

                                    Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander


                                    Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander

                         House at Pooh Corner

       Kenny Loggins

     Shma Bni

         Craig Taubman

                  Wherever you Go

    Larry Milder

                      Rabbi Ben Bag Bag

   Jeff Klepper

                                         And the Youth Shall See Visions

            Debbie Friedman

       Hello God

          Craig Taubman

                   Scarborough Fair

                                 Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

          Sim Shalom

  Julie Silver


      Lisa Baydush

                   Find The Sunshine

      Lisa Baydush

    Oh God

      Lisa Baydush

                 Ivdu et HaShem

     Folk Melody

                    Gesher Tzar M'od

      Baruch Chait

 My music career began in 1976 at Temple Beth El in Alexandria, Virginia when Rabbi Arnold G. Fink asked me (a shy 16 year-old) to lead a contemporary service.  He encouraged me to seek out new paths for Jewish music and to implement these new ideas in a guitar-led, participatory service.  Soon after, I created a student-led service for pre-B’nei-Mitzvah-aged students, Junior Congregation, which became very popular with the students and their families.  My role expanded to include High Holy Days, B'nei Mitzvah, Tot Shabbat, and "Beth El in the Neighborhood" services.  After I graduated from the University of Maryland, I also began teaching religious School at Temple Shalom in Chevy Chase, Maryland, as well as songleading for their retreat program and Family Services.

Since 1995, I have been the Religious School Music Specialist at Washington Hebrew Congregation.  In addition to teaching music and leading services at Hebrew School four days a week, I also lead the music for WHC’s monthly Family services, High Holiday Family Services, and the annual interfaith Freedom Seder.  Additionally, I song-lead on retreats for the 8-9th grade Chavaya program and Confirmation Class, and 7th grade overnights. 

I have also led the music for Woodmont Country Club’s first-night Passover seder since 1998


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